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Updated at: Oct 13, 2014

Information Technology Foundation for Education (HITSA) in cooperation with Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications (ITL)

ITL´s Ustus Agur scholarship for doctoral students

ITL's Ustus Agur scholarship aims to support the information and communication technology area doctoral studies of a public university's doctoral student. The scholarship also promotes the outstanding contribution of Ustus Agur in the development of Estonian information society.
The amount of the scholarship is EUR 2,000.

The Scholarship is regulated by Ustus Agur Scholarship Statute. Doctoral student matriculated in Estonian public university studying in the field of sciences in information and communications technology area can apply for the scholarship. 

The following documents shall be uploaded to the application form:
  • Curriculum Vitae including list of publications, description of current professional activities of the applicant and other important information regarding the doctoral student’s studies.
  • A brief description of the PhD thesis topic.
  • Applicant's essay on what is the expected influence of applicant's PhD thesis to the development of Estonian information society.
Allocation of the Scholarship considers the expected influence of the subject of the PhD thesis of the Scholarship applicant to the development of Estonian information society and current professional activities of the applicant.

Currently application for ITL's Ustus Agur scholarship is closed. The call for applications will be open again in October 2017.

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