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Updated at: Oct 09, 2017

LHV Bank Scholarship for ICT students

The LHV Bank Scholarship is designed to encourage students graduating from ICT courses in the 2015-16 academic year to use their skills and knowledge outside of the ICT sector.

The scholarship will be awarded in recognition of ICT-based theses that contribute to the development of the Estonian financial sector or another sector of the Estonian economy through the application of skills and knowledge in ICT. The works may be either theoretical or practical in nature, but must display economic value.

Two scholarships will be awarded in the 2015-16 academic year:
  • one in the category of Bachelor’s and applied higher education theses, to the value of 1500 euros;
  • one in the category of Master’s theses, to the value of 3000 euros.
LHV Bank Scholarship is regulated by the Statute of LHV Bank Scholarship. Applications are open to all students graduating from ICT programmes or curricula approved by ITFE who do not have a working relationship with another bank.

Criteria for the assessment of applications:
  • the thesis was awarded a grade of 4 or 5 (i.e. very good to excellent);
  • the thesis is of practical value to the Estonian financial sector or another sector of the Estonian economy.
Applications can be submitted through our application web page: https://konkursiveeb.hitsa.ee/en/.

Application deadline: June 16, 2016 (including June 16, until 23:59)

Please add following documents:
  • Motivation letter;
  • Curriculum Vitae of the applicant, including contact information;
  • Academic results of entire study period from the last educational institution attended (academic record); 
  • Topic and short description of the bachelor’s thesis (up to 1000 characters); 
  • Thesis
The selection of scholarship recipients takes place in two rounds. At the first round, the applicants to be invited to join the second round of the interviews will be selected from received applications (based on motivation, previous education, practical value of bachelor’s thesis, and academic success). Interviews will be held with three strongest applicants to find out the best.
Applicants who continue in the interview round shall be selected during 5 workdays. Applicants must be prepared to present the results of their work and its connection to the development of the Estonian economy to the scholarship board. Scholarship receiver has informal reporting obligations.